SmartMom® has been implemented across BC’s regional health authorities.

Expectant parents are choosing SmartMom® to help guide them through their pregnancy because the information is evidence-based and messages arrive at a time that is relevant to their stage of pregnancy.

Popular SmartMom® messages include those with links for websites providing additional information on nausea and vomiting, genetic testing, other screening tests during pregnancy, doulas, prenatal registries, pregnancy calendars, signs and symptoms of preterm labour, and nutrition tracking.

According to our surveys, participants starting SmartMom® have gaps in knowledge that are addressed in our messages.

SmartMom® is customizable. Clients can choose the times and days that work best for them to receive messages. They can also request supplemental messages on particular topics of interest to them, including reducing alcohol intake, domestic violence, pregnancy after 35 years of age, healthy eating during pregnancy, smoking cessation, and having a vaginal birth after a previous cesarean section.

To learn more about the SmartMom® program, please visit: