Our Team

Optimal Birth BC represents a partnership between the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia and provincial health authorities.

Together we are a team of researchers, clinicians and policy planners from across the province who are committed to supporting change among healthcare providers, administrators and expectant parents and their families by providing up-to-date, relevant information, and evaluating practice in maternity care.

Patricia Janssen, RN, PhD

Patti Janssen is a Professor and Theme Leader of Maternal Child Health at the UBC School of Population and Public Health. Her clinical training is in nursing and midwifery.

Chandra Berkan Hozempa, BA

Chandra Berkan Hozempa is s Policy Analyst for Women’s, Maternal and Early Childhood Health with the BC Ministry of Health.

Deborah Chaplain, RN, MSN

Deborah Chaplain is the Director of Health Services – Child, Youth and Family Health for the Island Health Authority.

Meagan Coman, RN, MSN

Meagan Coman is the Regional Practice Initiatives Lead – Early Childhood Development for Vancouver Coastal Health.

Geoffrey Cundiff, MD, FACOG, FACS, FRCSC

Geoffrey Cundiff is a Professor and Head of the UBC Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and the Regional Head of Obstetrics & Gynaecology for Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

Kathryn Dewar, PhD

Kathryn Dewar is a Senior Research Manager with the Women’s Health Research Institute. Her current research is in the area of women’s health and health service delivery.

Jennifer Duff, RN, BSN, MHA, CHE

Jennifer Duff is the Regional Director of the Maternal Child Program for Vancouver Coastal Health.

Robert Finch, BHS

Robert Finch is the Director for the Maternal, Newborn, Child & Youth Network for the Interior Health Authority.

Jaime Hunsberger, RN, BScN

Jaime Hunsberger is the Perinatal Program Specialist – Population Health Services for the Interior Health Authority.

Sarah Kaufman, RN, BSN, MSN

Sarah Kaufman is a Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Perinatal Maternal Infant Child Youth Program with the Fraser Health Authority.

Michael Klein, MD

Michael Klein is Emeritus Professor of Family Practice and Pediatrics at UBC and former Head of Family Practice at BC Women’s and Children’s Hospitals.

Andrew Kotaska, MD

Andrew Kotaska is the Territorial Clinical Lead for Women’s & Children’s Health with the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority.

Penny Liao-Lussier, BScN, MN

Penny Liao-Lussier is the Manager for Maternal, Child and Youth Health-Population Health Services for the Interior Health Authority.

Sarah Munro, MA, PhD

Sarah Munro is an Assistant Professor with the UBC Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She is a specialist in health communications.

Erin O’Sullivan, RN, BScN, MPH

Erin O’Sullivan is the Regional Perinatal Program Development and Evaluation Lead for the Island Health Authority.

Randi Parsons, RN, BScN

Randi Parsons is the Regional Nursing Lead – Maternal, Infant, Child, Youth for the Northern Health Authority.

Shaina Pennington, MSc

Shaina Pennington is the Research Manager for Optimal Birth BC.

Erin Price Lindstrom, RMW

Erin Price Lindstrom is the Research Manager for Women’s and Maternal Health at the BC Ministry of Health.

Vanessa Salmons, RN, BSN

Vanessa Salmons is the Executive Lead of the Perinatal Program for Northern Health Authority.

Diane Sawchuck, RN, PhD

Diane Sawchuck is the Evidence Evaluation and Knowledge Translation Lead for Island Health Authority and is a Midwife and Obstetrical Nurse.

Kathrin Stoll, PhD

Kathrin Stoll has degrees in psychology and sociology and completed an interdisciplinary PhD in midwifery, nursing and epidemiology at the University of British Columbia. She is a Research Associate with the Birth Place Lab.

Saraswathi Vedam, RM, FACNM, MSN, Sci D(hc)

Saraswathi Vedam is an Associate Professor of Midwifery at the University of British Columbia and the Lead Investigator of the Birth Place Lab.

Brenda Wagner, MD, FRCSC, MHSc

Brenda Wagner is a practicing Obstetrician and a Clinical Associate Professor with the UBC Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Barbara Webster, RN, BScN, MSc

Barbara Webster is a Clinical Nurse Specialist for Maternal and Child Health with the First Nations Health Authority.

Glenys Webster, PhD

Glenys Webster is the Director of Women’s Maternal and Early Childhood Health at the BC Ministry of Health.